Client Based:

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  • Gloria's Pantry

Client Based:

Gloria's Pantry

“...a great idea, I don't know why we didn't think of it? We like what we see so far - keep on doing what you are doing...”

“...the site looks great, you are a wiz. The Smiths called and said they loved the new page...”

“Thanks for all your time and help. We have gotten a lot of comments on how good our site now looks and we direct them to you.”

- M & G

Instructor / Subject Based:

Javascript Programming & Personality

“Darrin has been an active student all semester and a leader in the student discussion groups. I hope Darrin realizes how much he brought to our class. He interacts wonderfully with classmates and offers great explanations, encouragement & comments. My hope is that some day he will share his teaching & team building skills by teaching classes. He is a natural.”

“I also hope he continues on with his degrees and I highly recommend that he take an on-line MIS program at either the Marlboro Grad Center or Champlain - either would offer him challenges and successes. I would also hope that, in his lifetime, he is able to set aside some time to teach; he explains topics so elegantly. I would consider co-teaching with him anytime!”

- J. MacMenamin

Java, Learning, & Determination

“Darrin's hard work really paid off this term. His willingness to work through problems and work rigorously with available resources was evident throughout. Darrin should be extremely pleased with both his efforts and his results this term. His final project was the best project I have seen in 5 years of teaching Java.”

“Darrin would be more than welcome in any future classes that I teach.”

- D. Lefebvre

Database Skills

“Darrin has satisfactorily completed the objectives for SQL Server Administration. Successful completion of this course requires the student to master a series of skills using MySQL open source software and build them into an overall understanding of advanced database principles.”

“During this course, he completed all the assignments demonstrating an excellent understanding of all concepts presented.”

- M. Tucker

Networking & Determination

“Darrin is an excellent student with a superb work ethic. Before the class started, he expressed some reservations as he felt his networking background was a bit weak for the advanced course. This proved to be a non-issue because of his work ethic and desire to learn. He has excellent communication skills, both written and oral, and top-notch problem solving skills.”

“He demonstrated an excellent knowledge of computers. Darrin will be very successful no matter what area of Information Technology he chooses to pursue.”

- D. Tisdell

Artistic Skills

“Darrin is an excellent student, articulate, intelligent and talented. His work is always done to perfection. He contributes greatly to the success of the class for everyone. ... he always was able to work through (assignments) creatively and excel.”

“Darrin is a terrific artist. He understands the exercises and is consistently excellent in the finished product. He is also one of the more professional in his end product as well. He is great to have in class, helpful and excellent in all ways.”

- T. Blair-Michel

Interpersonal & Communicative Skills

“Darrin has actively participated in his group's project, which was extremely well done. His technical abilities were apparent in the PowerPoint he designed. His journal demonstrates his understanding of the various ways in which we communicate with one another, and how the relevant backgrounds, environment, leadership, and personal agendas may have an impact on the task to be completed. He aptly reflects on the terms/theories addressed in the text and in class activities and discussions.”

“Darrin has shown a strength in organization as well as an ability to relate to his peers with respect. His journal reflects his abilities to lead while empowering others as well as recognizing the emergence of other leaders when needed. His abilities in both addressing conflict and acceptance were discussed. His interpersonal skills of realizing the role and value of each member was clearly addressed in his observation of the group process during the second half of the semester. He is both people and task oriented and demonstrated outstanding qualities. Darrin has an excellent command of the English language; he concisely voiced his knowledge in both written and verbal format throughout the semester.”

- D. Sabatino

Language & Compositional Skills

“Darrin contributed to class learning by an excellent openness to learning, preparedness for classes, and participation in both the small and total class activities, discussions, and writing critiques. Engaging well in collaborative learning, at all times he was respectful of his peers and the instructor. ”

“He has demonstrated a high degree of responsibility for his academic work. Darrin's narrative/descriptive essay achieved excellent fusion of content and form. Among its excellent aspects were sense of audience, purpose, thesis/central focus, voice, tone, diction, organization, figurative language, and continuity. His expository essay, with sources documented in MLA format, is likewise excellent in content and form as was the persuasive essay. Particularly fine features of both were outlines, thesis/position, voice, tone, diction, organization, critical thinking, thesis development and support, and use of resources.”

“His end of semester research paper in MLA format (A+) was outstanding in every aspect. Darrin's approach and the paper's content were scholarly in all dimensions, and he proved the thesis strongly. He is both a creative and critical thinker and writer with much academic and writing talent. ”

- M. Harvey



A picture may be worth a thousand words, but words themselves are sometimes better able to convey what imagery alone cannot.

To that end, I am sharing feedback from some of the people with whom I have worked and gotten to know.

If you're a current client with feedback to publish, I'd appreciate it if you would take a minute to:

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