I offer a world of digital services.

As a website owner, the Internet allows you to reach out to the public and, through imagery and descriptive content, convey anything and everything you'd like them to know about yourself and/or your product.

There are many technologies around which Web Pages may be designed, among them are: ASP, PHP, Databases (Access & MySQL), CSS, Flash, DHTML, HTML, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, and Java.

The key to building great websites is in the selection or combining of the correct tools for the job. The integration & utilization of any of these carries with it both proprietary benefits and compromises. Of utmost importance to you should be the tailoring of your sites' design while merging it with the technology that will best meet both the needs of your target audience as well as your administrative own.

Most of my completed projects satisfy, or exceed, not only our client's specified needs but also will also meet many undefined expectations - such as W3C Web validation and usability standards. Oftentimes, utilizing the simplest of technologies available to accomplish a task proves to be the best solution.


Why Validate?

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