Stride-R-Web Services: Web Site MaintenanceWeb Site Maintenance:

The most important aspect of owning a web site is keeping it maintained and up-to-date. Inaccurate or stale content can definitely present a negative light on your business.

One of my major services is to take care of the details so you and your staff can get back to doing what you know best: running your business!

Sample Web Site Maintenance Services:

  • Product changes and additions.
  • Adding photos, graphics, new pages.
  • Re-writing content text for clarification or updates.
  • Posting newsworthy details or events.
  • Posting alert notices.
  • Site image or navigational facelifts, and makeovers.
  • Achieving code standards compliance.
  • Incorporating new or repairing lost functional features.

Web Site Maintenance Service Advantages:

  • An expert is available when the need arises.
  • Fast turn-around of work requests.
  • Concentrate on your business, leave the coding concerns to me.
  • Economical - how much quicker can the task be achieved by someone experienced in the field!

Case in point:
The marketing manager for one of my client's recently contacted me regarding their form-mail form which had not been delivering attachments sent by their clients/users. Upon examination it was found that the script coding being employed simply did not support the handling/delivery of file attachments. Armed with this information, the obvious recourse was to incorporate a more robust scripted solution that would indeed support the needed attachment functions. Before implementing the replacement, however, it was necessesary to code-in some additional scripted safeguards to reduce the risks of spam as well as add some basic restrictions for potentially unwanted file uploads through this new system.

Not only was this a solid site maintenance related task, but it also represents a classic example of adding functionality to an already existing/established site.