Web Site Animation:

Animation on the web has received a bit of a bum rap - but often for good reason. Far too frequenlty sites have seen animation employed for no apparent reason and/or used indiscriminately. As many web surfers can attest, animation, especially when done incorrectly and/or when used in excess, has the potential to significanly slow the downloading of a site - especially for those without high-speed connections.

Website animation has the potential to lend significant service to a site. It can do this through many ways, such as:

  • Draw attention to specific features or data:
    and add "life" to an otherwise static site.
    (View Live Site Example)
  • Assist in navigation and/or message communication.
  • Visually demonstrate a task (ex: animated tutorials).
  • Entertain and/or add a dimension of sophistication; Sites representing a company involved in design may wish to include animation as a means of expressing their creativity or flair for style.

Despite the potentials, it remains a tasteful judgement call to juggle the balance between benefits and overkill. Typically, most sites will best benefit the most from using the least animation necessesary for a given target audience & site subject. Whether animation (motion) is needed or desired is closely related to the purpose and content of the site. A site focusing on real estate, for example, would not likely need animation on its pages, while a site devoted to younger users, such as a sports/recreation website might wish to incorporate it for added excitement and to hold the users' attention.

There are many types of animations:

Each of the above has its own proprietary uses and advantages. Knowing which type to employ (or whether to employ any at all) is one of the primary reasons to contact Stride-R-Web Services. Whether it is in deciding to make use of web site animation or needing someone with the skills to generate an end product for your project, Stride-R-Web Services is here to help.