Custom Web Site Design:

Many firms offer nothing but cookie-cutter template based solutions. While these offer a viable option for non discriminating clients just breaking into electronic media, oftentimes only a custom design web site solution will truly fulfill the needs.

Quite possibly it is a specific look & feel, a specific functionality or set of site features is needed to offer to properly represent the company and its capabilities on the Net. Maybe it is required that a web site closely matches an already established product catalog format or sales literature. Some businesses are simply just too busy to handle the additional chores of properly getting a site up and running that will sufficiently represent them. Whatever the reason or need, Stride-R-Web Services can help.

Case in point:
J&L Orchids web site designThe owners of J&L Orchids desired a site that would closely mimic their pre-existing & time-honored print media product catalog. Their catalog format involved a taxonomically arranged list of products ordered by Tribe, Subtribe, Family, Genus, and then specific epithet or hybrid registry. Not only was it desired that the publicly available page output be formatted to this standard but the behind-the-scenes Content Management System (CMS) must also be capable of accommodating this systematic hierarchy.

While there are many fine CMS systems already available on the market, none were conveniently able to accommodate this specific requirement. Therefore, to meet the exact needs of the client, a custom designed relational database-driven application was written in ASP (Active Server Pages). Read more about this custom solution.

Primary Custom Web Site Design Advantages:

  • Capable of accommodating very specific needs.
  • Utmost control over the end product.
  • Ability to edit/alter/revise any and every aspect of a site (no template induced restrictions).