Photographic Services:

Photography is the art of recording an image representing an object as our eyes see or envision it. Photography is closely tied and related to Graphic design as they both involve working with and appealing to the visual senses.

The art in photography involves delivering an emotional response or visual message regarding the subject to its viewer. Photography in relation to Website Design typically equates to presenting a product or corporate image/theme in a manner most likely to appeal to the sites' target audience.

The Internet and its Web sites involve primarily visual mediums and its users expect to be able to clearly view or see the subjects for which they're shopping or learning about. Great product photographs are among the strongest visual tools one can utilize to positively influence a sites' conversion rate (converting visitor/viewers into shopper/buyers). Great photographs, despite their vision-centered delivery, can appeal to the other senses as well - taste, smell, touch, & sound all stand to inherit from a great photograph's subliminal message.

The art of Photography not only requires an understanding of the technical aspects of the field and its delivery medium (digital or otherwise) but also an eye for composition, balance, light, color, & contrast - all as they apply toward the subject and its' intended purpose and message.

Case in point #1:
View live Vermont Hills Teriyaki web site design The header for this site merges several photographs to evoke a message about the product, where it it is produced, and its purpose.

Vermont landscape photography merges with product glamour and graphic art to compete in a cohesive whole.

Gloria's Pantry ~ Graphic Design for Product PresentationCase in point #2:
This sample product image of a jar of Honey is more than just a picure of a product. Additional elements included help convey its color, transparency, natural origins, and its viscosity.

Additionally, while a viewer totally unfamiliar with the flavor and aroma of honey might not be able to associate, anyone who has ever experienced Honey should be instantly reminded of its appeal to the various senses.

Photograhy such as this can help overcome many of the shortcomings evident in representing a product or service over the Net.

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