Logos & Theme Integration:

Logos are graphical representations helping form and reinforcing corporate branding identity. A good logo's design ideally should allow for immediate viewer recognition - association the image/symbol with the entity behind it. This recognition ultimately helps inspire trust, user-loyalty and an implied level of product or service superiority. They should be strong and unique enough to representationally isolate the business from its competitors.

Themes are the unifying look, concept, or design message which gets repeated throughout a site to develop and maintain a level of uniformity and site recognition. Oftentimes, businesses will come to the table with an existing logo or letterhead and need this woven and cleanly integrated into the resulting web site. Themes & Logos are closely tied to the graphical arts aspect to site design.

Case in point 1:
Eai-Labs LogoEai-Labs came to the table with an existing logo - a simple, solid design reflecting their core service.

Using this as a starting point, accounting for the core services offered as well as intended target audience, a water-oriented theme was decided upon. The theme for the site was a layout which would server to reinforce the "clean message" in relation to water and people and present a "clean" & uncluttered public face for its content information.

Eai-Labs Logo / ThemeThis water-theme was carried throughout the site and tailored, where possible, to reflect the subject of each specific site page content.

Case in point 2:
Vermont Hills Product LabelVermont Hills  Logo / ThemeWhen Vermont Hills inquired about a site for the marketing of their product, they provided a couple bottles of their specialty product as samples, as well as a product bottle label. It was clear that they had an established branding image and the resulting site would need to closely integrate with it. A theme was devised that would integrate the product, the logo & labeling, as well as visual reinforcement of the corporate name.

One of the primary steps in developing this site was in obtaining quality product photographs. This was done in-house and allowed fine control over the color rendition, lighting (quality and angles), as well as subject arrangement.


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