Graphic Design for Web & Print Media:

Graphic design is the process of visually conveying, through the tasteful combination of shapes, colors, textual typefaces, and imagery a message, feeling, or impression to the viewer. Solid graphic design skills are especially important on the web as the media appeals primarily only to sight and to limited degree, sound - just two of our five senses.

Strong visual graphic design is important in not only distinguishing your company from your competition but also in professionally portraying your product & service to your potential clients. Stride-R-Web Services places a strong emphasis on building brand or corporate identity and marketing messages into all the visual graphics that are created.

Gloria's Pantry ~ Graphic Design for Product PresentationI have the capability to work in multiple digital medias to produce solutions for print as well as web publishing. This includes web graphics, logos, product imagery, catalogs, business cards, letterhead, brochures, and advertising (both web-based as well as printed).

Case in point #1:
In order to help present the specialty food products of Gloria's Pantry in a sufficiently professional flair, as well as create a solid corporate branding, to create a unified graphical product template.

The challenge here was to work within the constraints of an existing color scheme and product line while developing a visual format that would be applicable to nearly all products being offered. The message intended was one of: "Clean, wholesome Vermont goodness for everyday use - brought to you by Gloria's".

Case in point #2:
Cavendish Canine Camp requested some assistance in generating advertising for print media publications. Since their targeted format was for glossy magazines, high resolution graphics were "de rigueur". Due to the format requirements of the differing publications, the ads would each have to vary in small ways. Sample Ad 2: original created for print mediaSample Ad: original created for print media

Textual content was decided based upon available space and desired message. The visual elements were then incorporated from existing signage, established logos and print brochures. This was then refined and re-refined to achieve the final desired end result.