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Stride-R-Web Services and this web site does not harvest any personal information from its visitors without their expressed consent.

We will, of course, respond to Email requests from you and may save an email address and accompanying information (locally) on the chance we may need to reach you further. We do not sell or share this information with anyone and it would be used expressly for only our own contact purposes.

However, this site does offer its visitors & users the optional convenience feature of saving your contact information when using our Contact Email Form. When a respondent chooses to have this information saved, assuming that the user is not blocking cookies (small, basic, temporary text file), this data is simply saved as a cookie on the visitor's own machine rather than being stored on a public server. These "cookie files" are marked for use and are retrievable only by this website domain and will be utilized on subsequent visits to our contact form - allowing your browser to auto-populate most of the forms' fields upon page load.

As stated above, this feature is optional and is not enabled by default when using our form for sending email. Should you wish to remove/delete a cookie that has been placed during a prior visit, simply use your browser's "delete cookies" function or when submitting a subsequent message to us, leave the "Remember Me" box unchecked. The cookie, if it exists, will then be removed.

At this time, Stride-R-Web Services does not email past visitors with solicitations or "newsletters" of any kind. Should this policy change, Stride-R-Web Services would notify any potential recipients and offer them the option to opt-out of receiving any unwanted correspondence or newsletters.

You may rest assured that we place an emphasis on confidentiality with regards to your information, patronage, and site visitations.