Tuscan Sun Herbs Site:

From the ground up, this site was designed to utilize clean standards-compliant and valid code markup thus offering great cross-browser compatibility while ensuring reasonably future-proof code.

View of live Tuscan Sun Herbs web site design - Coming SoonThe client contacted me regarding the concept in mind. Provided were a basic sketch (via MS Word Document) of the envisioned "look", a sample image of a Hillside in Tuscany, and the expressed desire for "a warm mediterranean feel". These basic "building blocks" were then formulated into the basis for the graphical structure of this new site.

The layout was developed using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and is table-less. This standards-based design approach adheres to current modern web design trends and allows for cleaner, more minimalized page coding markup and thus smaller file sizes. Using CSS to define the page structure allows for a "content first" coding approach ensuring the all-important page data is included first and any secondary content, such as navigational menus and sidebar comments, are not afforded the prime file location as seen by the search engines. Advantages such as these and many others are not possible when using the older table-based layout methods.

View live Tuscan Sun Herbs web site design - Product Display - Coming Soon For this site, a dual-column design approach was chosen in order to offer some page-by-page element layout flexibility. With this arrangement, a convenient fixed location is provided for the site's primary navigation menu. It also allows for a convenient sidebar into which one can drop any related content, such as: submenus, supporting images, comments, hints or tips, even suggestions for co-sale items. While the layout remains recognizably uniform throughout this small site, notice that the left column serves varying functions depending upon the specific page being viewed. Similarly, the main data column is broken into topical headings / groupings. Whether these groupings contain informational paragraphs, individual product descriptions, shopping cart functions, or special messages, the uniform basis of their coding structure ensures a simple yet versatile page platform from which to deliver the product message. Such layout versatility allows for ease in accommodating future and/or potentially unforeseen additional future site features.

Primary Design Points:

  • Maintain a consistent and uniform "feel" to the site while utilizing clean, standards-compliant - XHTML Code & CSS.
  • Produce a site that is a unique as possible for the product type being marketed and intended target market.