Tindara Gardening (Tindara LLC.) Site:

The Tindara site represents one of my earlier site designs. While the framed layout employed for this site and a few of my other earlier designs may now be considered a deprecated technique, the fundamental usability remains more than functional and the site continues to earn a profit for its' owner. View the live Tindara Orchids web site design.

View ~  Quality Horticultural ProductsSince it's initial launch, this site has seen (as all well-maintained sites should) many transitions in its' ongoing goal of providing the many products that its' users desire. During that time, many new features and refinements have been applied in order to present a fresh experience to its' clientele.

Of the many custom solutions that has been developed through this site was a means to provide custom discounts without necessitating the use of server-side coding. While typically one would employ server-side coding such as ASP or PHP to accommodate this, the technique developed allows for a somewhat similar end result and yet it is applicable toward any site which is statically coded.

Primary Site Points:

  • Present up-to-date content through ongoing maintenance to prevent staleness.
  • Test new marketing approaches and presentational layouts.