Stride-r-web Site ~ Site Redesign

This website is a total overhaul of its predecessor and, like the site it replaced, has become a sounding board and test bed for several techniques and ideas for which i've wanted to experiment.

Stride-r-web Site ~ Flash Usage:

This very web site integrates a simple use of Flash Animation in the above horizontal navigational menu (repeated below for clarity). While I thoroughly embrace a "less is more" philosophy when it comes to incorporating the latest gee-whiz technologies and prefer to utilize them only when they stand to offer significant functional advantages, sometimes these techniques, such as Adobe Flash, can also be utilized to help make a site more visually unique.

In this case, I decided to employ Flash as a means to illustrate how seamlessly such technologies can be embedded into what are otherwise static HTML pages. One does not need to build the entire site around the technology (and thus bog down some users with lengthier downloads) in order to take advantage of it. With this web site, I utilized Flash to bring a very simple, understated, hopefully elegant and yet unique design element to the user's surfing experience.

While adding extra features and additional nested levels of links might have made this menu bar more all-inclusive and versatile, it would also have meant making it more site-dependent and hefty. Since it was my intention only to add a little flare to a seemingly simple design, I elected to keep it's implementation simple and uncluttered. Additionally, since this very same file is called from every page of this site, this allowed it's very slim 11 Kilobyte file size to be an all-the-more-attractive feature as it will be browser-cached upon first download thus saving some bandwidth while presenting a unique face fore each of the five primary site departments.

Stride-r-web Site ~ Site DHTML Animation

Stride-R-Web Services Redesign

Featured Project:

Andrew Smith Woodworking ~ Brand New Portfolio Site!

This site also employs a simple DHTML Animation to draw attention to the currently featured project. This animation may be seen on the homepage - a few seconds after the page loads and the main navigation Flash menu completes its' rotation. At that point, a rounded rectangle will slide up into place in the upper right-hand corner of the page and serves simply to highlight a message regarding the currently featured project.