Stride-r-web Flash Site:

This is a version of my site using all-Flash animation. It was built simply as an exercise to illustrate potential animation techniques as applied to a simple website as well as serving as a final project for one of my college classes.

View Flash Animated Version of the Stride-R-Web web site designThis exercise demonstrates some of the basic building blocks of nesting animations within animations in order to create an entire site. View the actual Stride-R-Web Flash web site design.


Adobe Flash is a popular means for adding quality animation and interactivity to web pages, advertisements, and more recently to the development of entire, stand-alone, Internet applications.

Historic trends have seen drastic overuse and misapplication of Flash, something not uncommon among any newly emerging technology as it finds its niche in the arsenal of web design tools.

Despite its eye-candy appeal, Flash technology has several important and limiting factors that must be considered before making it's full-blown use worthwhile for anything but the most specialized of sites. The greatest usability concern revolves around the difficulties in getting its content indexed by the Search Engines without running into penalties for having hidden text. While there are are a few "workarounds" to help account for shortcomings such as this, these tend to complicate the design and deployment process as well as boost ongoing maintenance concerns.

Currently, Flash is best reserved for adding animated accents and animated media delivery to sites built in traditional HTML/XHTML. Sparingly embedding segments of Flash animation into a site can offer significant advantages through:

  • drawing attention to a product/service/offering.
  • adding an attractive visual element to help differentiate your site from others.
  • delivering clean instructional / tutorial demonstrations.
  • presenting certain types of visual content in ways that otherwise would simply not be possible.


Incorporating Adobe Flash elements, when done well and with tasteful considerations, remains a viable option and usually an advancement over the use of animated gif images.