New England Hosta Society Site:

View the live New England Hosta Society  web site designDeployed in April of 2008, this site incorporates XHTML compliant code with a sophisticated but easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS). The goal was to deliver a turn-key, scalable, owner-manageable application which includes a broad set of browser-based site management tools. View the New England Hosta web site design.

Employing a MySQL-driven Simple CMS system provides for efficient site content management as well as effectively allowing for future site development and site expansion possibilities. The system provided implements basic yet useable WYSIWYG-based image, file, and content management tools.

The site was delivered with custom designed page layout templates and custom graphics ensuring a unique branding/image exclusive to the client. At the time of launch, a basic set of "pages" were already in place, each of which was configured, populated with initial content, and styled to adhere to the site's theme. Additionally, domain specific email accounts were in place, along with an administrative user account. The CMS employed also allows for multiple user accounts should the client require more than one site content editor.

New England Hosta Society Sample Administrative View The incorporated simple CMS administrative interface provides a clean and intuitive means to manage the sites' content without the need for extensive knowledge of site design or HTML.

Primary Service Considerations:

  • Build the site around a robust, feature-rich XHTML standards-based CMS.
  • Provide theme related graphics and site layout development.
  • Initialize the site with "starter pages", which include some initial content. The client can then expand upon these "starters" and maintain the site. Basically - deliver a complete turn-key solution for their projected web presence needs.


New England Hosta Site:

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