Kelly's Korner Site:

This is and example of one of the earlier dynamic sites - built utilizing server-side scripting to populate and generate pages based on subsets of content stored within the underlying database.

While the surface view of the site looks rather straightforward, significant challenges were encountered when dealing with this client's Hydroponic products. Not only must the site accommodate a significant number of varying products but some of them also are optionally bundled with sub-products which added an extra element of challenge to the coding of both the Administrative as well as the publicly accessible sides of this dynamic site.

View live Kelly's Korner web site designThe resulting custom web site consists of a dynamic front end and a web accessible, owner-administered back end;much of which was hand-coded in ASP (Active Server Pages). View the Kelly's Korner web site design.

Armed with little more than a printed price list of products and a font-based logo, the assignment was to deliver a website that showcased the company's wares while allowing for the convenient navigation through and retrieval of hundreds of products. Engineered in '03-'04, this site incorporates several features to assist both site visitors as well as those maintaining its content.

The site layout was spun off of a boxy, right-angle these based on the "Korner" aspect of the company's name. To this end, the logo was assigned a corner and page titles were set to wrap the opposing border. Orchid floral graphic compliments were carefully selected to coordinate with the color scheme and to frame the rest of the page's layout and content. On many of the sites' pages (other than the homepage), one of the four orchid graphics are displayed randomly thus giving the pages a small additional element of dynamism.

View live Kelly's Korner web site navigational designIt was realized that with the quantity of products in certain categories that some pages may be require significant scrolling to navigate through a given recordset of products. Therefore, to maximize the convenience to the sites' users, not only were header and footer navigational links provided but also a panel menu was incorporated to scroll along with the page ensuring navigation options were always conveniently available.

In an effort to retain a uniformity of product display, all items were provided a uniform listbox selection / qty box layout thus quickly establishing a familiar interface for product shopping while minimizing the scrollable page lengths generated.

Content Management (CMS):

View of Kellys Korner Web Site Administration - product options. In an effort to reduce manual product maintenance needs and provide a measure of self dependency for many basic product tasks, a custom Content Management System (CMS) was devised for the site. While the "front-end" side of the site becomes the face to which the public interacts, it is the "back-end" or administrative side of the application which handles the more complex tasks and yet provides the greatest advantages and conveniences for its owners.

Upon securely logging into the site and selecting an existing product in the application's database, one then is offered the opportunity to edit one of many different aspects of the product. View of Kellys Korner Web Site Administration - product being edited.One might choose to edit the basic product listing itself (description, images, assigned category, etc.), or one may edit one of the specific product options themselves (availability, size descriptor, price, etc.). Alternately, one may add to the list of available product options for a given product, or delete/remove those no longer being offered.

Once any managerial edits have been saved/updated, these changes then become immediately visible and available to users subsequently placing page requests of the site.

A CMS system such as this allows for the maximum control of its content by its' owners. As long as internet access is available, the site's content may be edited - any time of day or night.

Primary Design Points:

  • Provide for effective organization, access, and retrieval of many varying products.
  • Enable a comparatively low-cost, highly-flexible eCommerce system.
  • Provide a web-based back-end content management system (CMS) for managing the site's products and base content.



Kelly's Korner Site:

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