Gloria's Pantry Site:

Stride-R-Web Services was contacted by the client with a request to assist them with some graphical and content upgrades to their existing web site. These modifications were undertaken with the end goal toward improving search engine rankings and increasing visitor conversion rates.

Gloria's Pantry web site designUpon examining the existing site, We decided to initially address the sites' masthead/logo so as to consume less screen real estate while presenting a stronger marketing message for the sites' content and product. View the current Gloria's Pantry web site design.

The new masthead was inspired by the client's existing logo and has now been accentuated with layered vector elements extracted from the original logo graphic. To this, a sample grouping of select Gloria's Pantry products were photographed and imported to add color and present a strong visual cue regarding the company's wares.

Our goal is to continue to build upon existing product descriptions and page concepts in order to hone the sites' message and ensure the most return on investment possible. Substantial additional product photography is being incorporated to enhance the site and promote the image of the entire product line.

More recently, the client decided to switch both web hosting provider as well as payment gateway. This cost-saving measure involved a complete site code revision to accommodate the vastly different service technologies provided by the new host. Despite the level of work required of the task, the project turn-around time was kept to a minimum and included no service interruption for the client or their users. Additionally, the switchover afforded the perfect opportunity to incorporate several new site configuration and marketing convenience features which were built into the new pages.

Primary Site Services:

  • Evaluate existing site and determine avenues for improving the site's conversion turnover.
  • Provide product photography and graphics development.
  • Assist with product marketing development and content related tasks.
  • Ensure the smoothest possible transition for the site's coding and files when changing hosting and payment gateway providers.


Gloria's Pantry Site:

"...thanks for all your time and help. We have gotten a lot of comments on how good our site looks and we direct them to you.."

"...I looked over the new pages and the cart and it looks really nice. We like the way you set it up it looks like the old site only neater. "

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