EAI Analytical Labs Site:

A company offering its water testing services to the private sector as well as other management firms must convey not only a sense of professional capability and efficiency but also portray a message of the importance of the services being offered. While most professionals would already be well aware of the risks associated with non-compliant waters, it remains the public homeowners who are more likely to need information and greater marketing influences.

View Eai-Labs web site designWith these considerations in mind, EAI Analytical Labs' site was developed to be attractive, easy to navigate, provide useful basic as well as in-depth information while delivering a visual and emotional appeal on the importance of that which is at stake. View the Eai-labs web site design.

With an expected mixed client-base of both broadband as well as dial-up subscribers, the Eai-Labs site was designed to be fast loading with a fair minimum of graphics / http requests. To accommodate the most broad range of users' browsers, the site was built with fully standards-compliant XHTML coding and CSS.

Another view of Eai-Labs web site design

Primary Design Points:

  • Attractive, informative & easy to navigate.
  • Organize & provide http access to the many available and easy-to-print pdf files.
  • Visually reinforce the concepts behind the services provided.
  • Full XHTML compliance for cross-browser compatibility.
  • Utilize a CSS "content-first" layout (a basic search engine optimization technique).