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While the design product here is not of my creation, the site has for several various reasons recently seen a complete transition from a dynamic database-reliant site to one of a static nature which now incorporates full XHTML standards compliant coding throughout. Many search engine optimization aspects were addressed during this transition with the intent to help boost the sites' organic search results position and display. View the EAI-Inc. web site design.

View EAI-Inc web site designAdditionally, many new content pages were added and many existing pages's content was updated & revised - all while strictly and seamlessly adhering to the sites' existing appearance and design layout.

One of the most significant design changes that was applied was a complete overhaul and redesign of the site's home page.

View EAI-Inc Original Homepage Layout The original homepage layout was primarily graphical and was restricted to a non-fluid 680 pixels width (favoring older monitor resolutions) which, on the newer higher-resolution monitors, resulted in an excess of white space on two sides. Beyond the aesthetic limitations, a significant portion of textual content was locked up within roll-over imagery and therefore not readable by search spiders.

The replacement home page (in the view above) was completely reworked to favor textual-informational data, content keywords, as well as better reflect the professionalism for which the parent company is so well noted. It was considered important to not totally abandon the graphical imagery of the original homepage so a revised theme was inherited for the button navigation, keeping the actions relevant toward visual-graphical aspects only.

Primary Design Points:

  • Present a professional new face to public eye.
  • Optimize the site with an emphasis toward improving search engine rankings.
  • Employ a fluid layout (pages expand or contract to fit different window dimensions) as was used elsewhere within the EAI-Inc site.
  • Provide Full XHTML compliance for cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.


EAI Inc. site:

"...As always, your help and your suggestions are very much appreciated. We are very pleased with your work..."

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