Cavendish Canine Camp Site:

Cavendish Canine Camp web site designThis entirely refreshed site was modeled to closely adhere to an established corporate image presented by this businesses' existing print media advertising while delivering a product meeting modern W3C Web validation standards. View the Cavendish Canine Camp web site design.

To enhance the sites' message and to further integrate the established theme, a simple Adobe Flash pawprint animation was added into the site's background. While Adobe Flash is at the forefront of many current web animations, this technology is only one of many tools available for such tasks. Other animation methods, such as animated gifs, DHTML, as well as JavaScript image transitions (incorporated here as well) also remain capable contenders. Each technology offers its own sets of advantages and disadvantages; knowing which option from the many from which to choose, and how best to apply them, are invaluable skills and services I am able to offer.

For this site, a custom scripted solution was written to provide an easy and painless means of updating and displaying a series of transitioned header images. Not only is it now a simple process to add/revise these images but the solution allows for an automated tailoring of the display depending upon time / season of year as well.

Cavendish Canine Camp Graphic print media  ad designBeyond providing this client with web & graphical design services, I also have provided integrated visual graphic development services for their print media advertising needs. As with all visual mediums, the art is in balancing the informational content with visual elements all within the confines of a projects' printable area.

Primary Services: