Andrew Smith Woodwoking Web Site:

View live Andrew Smith Woodworking web site designThis showcase web site (utilizing PHP) was created to artfully frame and present the client's woodworking capabilities. View the Andrew Smith Woodworking web site design.

A custom graphical layout was created inj order to harmonize with the primary color palette offered by many of the sample pojects. Additionally, a sister website,, was planned at the same time and it was decided to adopt a near-mirror approach to the sites' designs. A theme was developed which would accommodate both sites' subject matter while, with subtle differences, effectively brand both sites as related yet individual.

It was intended to keep textual content to a minimum so as to allow the sample images speak for themselves.

View live Andrew Smith Woodworking web site designPortfolio Pages:

The page layout for the projects were kept simple and clean. Rather than clutter the design with excessive textual captions, such information was incorporated into the "pop-up" larger views. The Slimbox-Lightwindow technique employed for presenting larger image views is not subject to pop-up blockers and, along with the caption text, allows for a measure of search engine friendliness.

Primary Site Design Points:

  • Attractively showcase the client's project portfolio.
  • Generate a graphical theme to accommodate both Woodworking and Pipe Organ subject matter.
  • Provide a site design in keeping with the client's primary competition.
  • Provide a solution that is easy to maintain and update.